All Chinese Faculty at NED University Left Pakistan After the Suicide Attack

News of the suicide attack at the University of Karachi (KU) on April 26 was circulating throughout Pakistan and one of the major casualties in this attack was the security of all foreigners teaching at NED University.




The recent suicide attack on NED University in Karachi has left many Chinese faculty members working there shaken and traumatized. In the aftermath of the attack, all of the Chinese faculty members have decided to leave Pakistan and return to their home country. This is a huge loss for NED University, as the Chinese faculty members were some of the most talented and qualified instructors at the school. The departure of the Chinese faculty also highlights the growing insecurity and instability in Pakistan, which is making it increasingly difficult for foreign nationals to feel safe and secure in the country.


Who are the Chinese teachers at KU?

The Chinese Faculty at NED University left Pakistan after the suicide attack that took place on 26 April 2022. All of the teachers were from China and had been teaching at the university for a few months. They were all finalizing their contracts when the attack happened.


The university released a statement saying that the Chinese faculty members had been moved to an undisclosed location for their safety. It is unclear if they will return to Pakistan or not.


Why did they leave Pakistan?


It is reported that all Chinese faculty members at NED University have left Pakistan following the recent suicide attack in Quetta. This raises the question: why did they leave?


There are a number of possible reasons. Firstly, the security situation in Pakistan has deteriorated in recent years, with a number of terrorist attacks taking place. This may have made the Chinese faculty members feel unsafe and prompted them to leave.


Secondly, the Chinese government has been putting pressure on its citizens to leave Pakistan. This is likely due to the deteriorating security situation, as well as the recent increase in tensions between Pakistan and China.


Thirdly, it is possible that the Chinese faculty members were not happy with the working conditions at NED University. This could be due to a number of factors, such as low pay, poor facilities, or a lack of academic freedom.


Whatever the reasons for their departure, it is clear that the Chinese faculty members at NED University have left Pakistan. This is likely to have a negative impact on the university, as well as on Pakistan-China relations.


Response from the Pakistani government and Pakistanis


The Chinese faculty members who left Pakistan after the suicide attack on NED University have received a lot of support from the Pakistani government and people. The Pakistanis are grateful for the contributions that the Chinese have made to their country and are saddened by the loss of life and property. They have promised to provide all possible assistance to the families of the victims and to help with the investigation into the attack. The Pakistani government has also condemned the attack and has vowed to bring the perpetrators to justice.

Pakistani govt claims that they didn’t received any threats from terrorists actually Govt was changed recently and the focus of all the security organizations were on the peacefully formation of the new government and the intelligence force the ISI didn’t received any threats from anyone it was a very strongly planned suicide attack the terrorists want to put back Pakistan into the old times so that it may not be developed there is a chance that maybe this attack is made by India which is strongly against the friendship of Pakistan with china Pakistan has received threats from India due to Sea-pack agreement

Let me tell you in details that Sea-pack is an agreement that is made between Pakistan and China and due to this agreement Pakistan will give way  to china for trades in the world from China boarder to the Gawadar port  it has many benefits to the Pakistan and china as well so India due to the enemy of Pakistan don’t wanted this agreement to be done so it is trying to make a trauma.

On April 26th, a suicide attack occurred near the NED University in Karachi, Pakistan. All Chinese faculty members working at the university left Pakistan immediately after the attack. In response to the incident, the Pakistani government issued a statement condemning the attack and vowing to protect the safety of all foreign nationals working in Pakistan. Many Pakistanis have also spoken out against the attack, expressing their solidarity with the Chinese community and condemning the violence.




The departure of all Chinese faculty members from NED University in Pakistan following a suicide attack highlights the potential risks of working in unstable regions. While no one was hurt in the attack, it nevertheless serves as a reminder of the dangers that exist in many parts of the world. For Chinese citizens working abroad, such incidents underscore the importance of staying vigilant and being aware of the potential risks involved.