This 17-Story Tall Mountain Of Garbage Spontaneously Combusted In The Indian Heatwave


The refuse dump in the Indian city of Ghazipur spontaneously combusted after days of intense heat and humidity. The fire quickly grew to 10-stories tall, at which point authorities were forced to blow it up, with some reports saying that the smoke was visible from space.


The 17-story high pile of garbage spontaneously combusts


The blazing inferno at the landfill sent a towering column of smoke into the sky, which could be seen for miles around.


The fire broke out on Sunday afternoon and took more than 12 hours to bring under control, the Times of India reports.


The cause of the blaze is not yet known, but it is thought to have been started by the intense heatwave that has hit India in recent weeks. Temperatures in Delhi have reached as high as 48 degrees Celsius (118 Fahrenheit).


Around 200 firefighters were called to the scene to tackle the blaze, which was finally extinguished at around 2am on Monday morning.


This is not the first time that the landfill has caught fire. In 2016, a fire raged for 10 days before it was finally put out.


The 17-story high pile of garbage is located in an area that is home to around 1.5 million people. It is one of the biggest rubbish dumps in Asia and receives around 2,500 tonnes of waste every day.


The site has been described as a “ticking time bomb” by environmental activists, who have long warned that it could lead to a major disaster.


The fire at the landfill highlights the growing problem of


The heatwave in India has been so intense that it caused a 17-story high pile of garbage to spontaneously combust.


The fire started on Sunday afternoon and took five hours to put out. No one was injured, but the blaze did cause some damage to nearby buildings.


The heatwave in India has been ongoing for several weeks now and has resulted in many deaths. The exact number of fatalities is not known, but it is believed to be in the thousands.


This is not the first time that a fire has broken out at this particular landfill site. In 2016, a fire burned for two days and destroyed about 40 homes.


The Indian government has been criticized for not doing enough to prevent these kinds of disasters from happening. They have promised to take action to improve the situation, but it is not clear what they will do or how quickly they will do it.


Garbage piles in India are a health hazard due to the heatwave


1. The recent heatwave in India has caused spontaneous combustion of a garbage pile, leading to concerns about the health hazards posed by such piles.


2. The pile was located in an open area near a residential area, and when it caught fire, the residents were forced to evacuate.


3. The fire created a huge column of smoke that could be seen for miles.


4. The incident highlights the dangers of garbage piles in India, which are often left in open areas during hot weather. This can lead to health problems for nearby residents, as well as environmental pollution.


5. The government is now working to clean up the affected area and prevent future incidents from occurring.


1. Garbage piles in India are a health hazard due to the heatwave. The heatwave has caused the garbage to spontaneously combust, creating a toxic smoke that is harmful to people’s health.


2. The garbage pile is located in a village in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. The village is situated near a river, which is used by the villagers for bathing and washing clothes.


3. The villagers have complained about the smell of the burning garbage for several days. They say that the smoke is making it difficult to breathe and causing skin irritation.


4. The village chief has asked the government for help in dealing with the problem. He says that the village does not have the resources to deal with the situation on its own.


5. The government has promised to send a team to assess the situation and provide assistance if necessary.


Residents demanded government officials collect the garbage and build new dumping sites


1. Residents of Delhi, India, were outraged when a mountain of garbage spontaneously combusted in the heatwave.

2. The residents demanded that government officials come and collect the garbage and build new dumping sites. 3. The government officials promised to take action and said that they would provide new dumping sites for the residents. 4. The residents are still waiting for the government to take action and they are hopeful that their voices will be heard.


1. Residents in the area demanded that government officials collect the garbage and build new dumping sites.

2. They said that the current situation was unsafe and unsanitary.

3. They also said that the mountain of garbage was attracting vermin and causing a health hazard.

4. The government officials promised to take action and said that they would start collecting the garbage within a week.