• How To Earn $1,000,000 Using The Future Of Digital Content And How To Adapt

From social media trends we come know that search engine optimisation, technology plays a vital role in the way we create anything, consume, and share. There is no escaping the power of digital content – and even though digital content creators struggle to find their footing when they’re trying to make sense of everything. Here are five things you need to consider.


1) Don’t fall into cookie-cutter thinking.


More technology get advanced, our understanding to think towards success looks like will change. When I was growing up, some of my peers wanted to jump into YouTube as soon as Google launched You tube. Back then, people would just hop onto YouTube because it was convenient, or just because it seemed new. Nowadays, if you want to learn more about how to start your own channel on You tube, you probably won’t get hired at work, but those same ideas won’t exist for everyone. It’s easier today than ever to pick any platform to build your channels on. This also means that the business model is much less dependent on traditional advertisers trying to reach users on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.

In old times people started their creative writing career in high school. Teacher taught several English classes and tried to teach students how to write short stories. However, teachers  had no idea how many teachers are teaching those kinds of programs today, nor did anyone teach them in her class. While people able to complete some of their projects, most of them were failures.. People have to work alot on books before they release it . Once again though, those people was only successful because of someone else’s help. After they time passage , other authors followed in his footsteps, leaving the field as small as possible.

2) Keep learning.



As technology changes, and the world grows, we should always be moving forward. Not all opportunities presented themselves to us the same way they did back in old times, like when Google Search was still a huge mess on desktop computers. In fact, almost nothing changed when Google became too big and powerful to compete with. Some old-schoolon publishers would buy up lots of keywords and hope that something new like Adwords or Yahoo could get the ball rolling. Things were pretty messy back then, but things have evolved a lot since then. We may have used to think Amazon purchased enough searches into the web to make sense in comparison, but that doesn’t mean it made sense then. Today, things are much simpler, and online advertising is much more effective. Also, while search engines and ads may initially appear to be the main source of conversions, they aren’t. Most major brands use their website and social media accounts to promote their products, but that isn’t the only place that digital marketers go to grow their traffic organically. Social media takes up a few to four hours to drive awareness of your brand.


To take advantage of the popularity of social media, you need to make sure that your pages load quickly, offer fresh content to engage your followers, and are consistently updated with new information. Having good articles to read and posts to post can be the difference between getting promoted to a higher level. managers and never getting noticed at all.


3) Build your site.

                                                                        Image by Jireh Gibson from Pixabay

 When the Web was created by Steve Mann, we thought social media was going to end the internet. It didn’t though. With the launch of websites such as Word Press, bloggers started to become empowered, and they began creating interesting content. People learned so much about blogging when it first appeared. By now there are tons of free and paid themes for Word Press to choose from, however, it can also be simple just to set up a website from scratch.. All of the free plugins are just tools that will add extra functionalities, but without investing time in figuring out what the best thing to do is. To start off, check out our quick guide on choosing a theme and see if it suits your blog style, or find something useful by downloading WordPress.org. Word Press has come so far since its inception, but there are still improvements that I wouldn’t recommend. For example, you’ll want to install security plugins, and you should turn off comments on your posts. Make sure that whatever content you create is accurate and easy for your readers to understand. Do you want the visitors to see a personalized feed? It’s important to consider this point especially if you have more than 1,000 posts. You can either try to guess the number of impressions on each post or just have an ad-blocker installed.

4) Optimise social media accounts.

                                                  Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay                                                                                                We live in modern time and othe ld time is gone.  where content marketing and optimizationin  are just as highly regarded as content creation. Almost every blogger claims to be producing a certain amount of page views per day, whether it’s through organic traffic or links. Unfortunately, that isn’t true. Just recently, analytics firm Statista estimated that total webpage views in 2022 were estimated at 3 billion, that’s around 4.5% less than 2018. That statistic alone tells the story of how many people are viewing your content. Think about that. On top of that, Google Analytics shows that the average person watches 2,000 videos every day. This is why it’s so important for companies like Netflix (which recently announced plans for 300 million visits a year), and even Spotify to improve their ranking algorithms to ensure that their profiles are viewed on platforms like YouTube or TikTok, as opposed to traditional TV. They want maximum visibility and engagement to increase their viewers and gain real engagement, so they do what they can to provide that for their audiences. t. Other popular features include increased support for subtitles and improved discovery for playlists in the background.

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